VoIP Phone System with Unified Communications

VoIP phone systems come in many different varieties and it’s important to understand the differences.

There is VoIP internal and VoIP external.  VoIP internal is voice traveling across your internal office data network.  VoIP external (SIP) is voice traveling over the internet to reach your office as an outside phone call.

The NEC unified communications server can do both, neither, or a combination of the two.  NEC IP phone system can have digital terminals with SIP lines, it can have IP phones with analog lines, or it can have IP phones with SIP lines.  Hosted VoIP providers, like NEC and Star2Star, offer only IP phones with SIP lines and they have to be your phone carrier as well.

Because the NEC phone system is so flexible, you can start with IP phones with analog lines until your phone carrier contract is up and then switch to SIP lines.


SIP lines give businesses the ability to have DID (direct inward dial) numbers, i.e. ten digit personal phone numbers.  SIP automatically has Caller ID and you can choose the outbound caller ID number callers receive, on a per phone basis.  SIP comes in over your current internet circuit and costs much less than regular analog lines. If you get Enhanced SIP service you have the ability to log into a web portal to change where your main number rings in.  Can’t get to the office because of the weather?  Simply point your main number to a cell phone or home phone, from anywhere, on any device.

Connecticut Communications acquired New England Communications in October, 2015.  Because of this, Connecticut Communications currently has ten (10) NEC certified field technicians making us the largest NEC dealer in the state of Connecticut.  We have offices in North Haven, CT and Rocky Hill, CT.  Please contact us for a free consultation to see if a VoIP phone system is right for your business.

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