Business Telephone System Options:

On-Premise, Hosted/Cloud & Turn-Key Managed

Your telephone system is the lifeline of your business – it is the most effective conduit between you and your customers. Therefore, the phone system you select must be reliable and easy to use. Connecticut Communications is an authorized dealer for the best business phone system manufacturers in the industry: Mitel and NEC. Plus, we work with leading providers of cloud communications like RingCentral.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we offer your business choices: on-premise, hosted / cloud, and turn-key managed systems:

On-Premise vs Cloud: How De We Choose?

When you’re ready for an upgrade, should you choose an on-premise system or move to the cloud? The answer: it depends. It depends on factors like number or remote workers, if you have dedicated IT staff to manage a system, if you need to integrate complex applications, and even how you want to pay for the system. You may even want to “leave the driving to us” with a fully managed, turn-key system.

It’s an important decision – don’t go it alone! Turn to the experts at CT Communications. We have 50+ years of experience designing, installing and maintaining communications. Our experienced consultants can assess your business, outline your options, and point you in the right direction.

5 signs you need to upgrade

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Phone System?

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The staff & experience to keep your communication system running smoothly

Whichever path you choose, Connecticut Communications has the resources and experience to keep your communication system running smoothly 24x7x365! We’ve done it all: from small single location startups to complex multi-location corporations, to critical healthcare facilities, municipalities, and school systems, and regulatory driven financial organizations.

We would love to work with YOUR business to show you how new communication technology can streamline your operation and boost your bottom line! Contact us today:

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