The End Is Near for Your Legacy Phone System, Are You Ready?

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission announced new rules for the transition of traditional phone networks to IP-based communication. The transition itself has been ongoing for the past several years and is intended to move our communications away from outdated legacy copper. It is a clear vote in favor of faster, better communication systems for all.

Change is slow, however. Rather than a flood of movement to IP, as some predicted, many businesses have opted to keep their old public switched telephone network (PSTN) systems simply because they work. They keep business moving, and customers and employees communicating. While the demand for PSTN phones is decreasing, nearly 50 percent of all endpoints are still digital—despite the fact that manufacturers have been decreasing their levels of support for PSTM systems for the past five years or longer.

Chances are your enterprise PSTN system is nearing end-of-life, if the end hasn’t already arrived. Many manufacturers have by now issued end-of-support notices, or will be soon, which means that you’re out of luck if you need service for your phone system. As telephony providers continue to chop away at support, spare parts will become increasingly difficult to find, additional gateways nonexistent, and bug fixes, upgrades, and patches things of the past. In the event of an outage, the manufacturer will not be stepping in to help. Should your communication system run into a problem, how would your organization fare?

If you’re like most enterprises, you don’t want to find out.

Embrace The Upgrade

The good news is that you have a clear opportunity to move your business forward. Whether you’re in a situation where your PSTN system, or maybe even an older VoIP system, is losing support, it’s the perfect time to adopt a robust unified communications (UC) strategy. You’ve waited long enough—UC has gone beyond the hype and is proving to be a major asset to companies of all sizes.

Trading in your old system for a Star2Star Scalable Cloud Communications Solution is about more than just replacing one commodity with another. Our cloud communications tools change the game completely. Our services and features—like texting, videoconferencing, and easy faxing—enable smoother workflows and greater productivity. They also fit naturally into today’s changing workplace. You can bring all your remote workers together with one easy-to-manage system, whether they’re using a traditional phone or their own mobile phone.

Other compelling reasons to switch:

  • A system designed for you: Our support team members are trained to work closely with customers to design a UC system that works for your business—not one that’s bundled or prepackaged.
  • Easy transition: If you’d like to keep your existing phone number, we’ll connect it to your new Star2Star cloud phone system. We can also emulate most of the functionality of your previous phones to make the switch easy for employees.
  • Simple installation: We carefully plan out installs in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our nationwide network of partners will install your new Star2Star system alongside your existing telephone system. You use the new system to place outbound calls while inbound calls continue to arrive on the old system until the transition is complete.
  • Ongoing support: We provide continual support even after installation so if anything goes wrong we’re there to help. Our system is easy to manage so you may choose to have your own IT department do it. We can also manage many aspects of the system for you remotely.
  • Business continuity: We guarantee 99.999 percent uptime reliability, and keep the system up and running in the event of an outage thanks to our rich suite of advanced disaster avoidance and recovery protections.

Be proactive and avoid the stress of an end-of-support notice. Contact Connecticut Communications for a free consultation 203.985.1001.