3 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is More Effective than You Think

3 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is More Effective than You Think

It’s difficult to argue the fact that face-to-face communications are more effective than any other form of communication.  Although today’s generation prefers the written word (brief those words may be), the ability to combine technologies to create an interactive experience is what really makes an impact in business.

In the digital age, hallway conversations and on-site meetings are rare. The workforce has migrated from corporate office space to at-home office locations, and for those who are still in on-site offices, online chat is believed to be more productive than the idea of walking over to a co-worker’s cubicle to chat face-to-face (gasp!). 

Video is More Productive

  • Voice alone is a perfectly acceptable way to communicate in teams, but when you incorporate video into the mix, studies have shown that employees are more motivated to move projects along, which translates into greater ability to make decisions and complete projects faster.
  • It’s worth noting that research has shown that 87 percent of remote employees also feel more connected to their team when using videoconferencing, which equates to higher team engagement and an increase in motivation to participate in the process.

Video is More Cost Effective

  • For work teams, video conferencing allows us to accomplish much of the same as an on-site meeting, but without the hassle and cost of corralling the team into the office from miles away and days at a time.
  • Organizations realize a decrease in travel expenses of 30 percent, on average, when they incorporate a video conferencing solution for their employees.
  • In addition to hard costs, associated soft costs are reduced as well in terms of labor hours gained when employees do not have to travel to and from a location to attend meetings.

With Mitel’s Video Conferencing Solution, deployment is hassle-free and doesn’t require a bunch of expensive equipment to get set up because it all operates in the cloud!  This brings additional value to the company in the form of reduced capital equipment expenses and management or maintenance. 

Video is More Cost Effective

  • Many people are intimidated by technology, which can be troublesome to small and mid-sized companies that have limited IT resources.
  • The idea behind video conferencing is to make it easier for teams to collaborate, but if users are unable to easily set up a virtual meeting that means IT will need to take time out of their day to connect the meeting each time.

Mitel, for example, offers a host of tools to simplify collaboration and enable employees to set up video conference calls.  This is a win-win with the employee learning a new skill, and IT being able to shift their focus to other priorities in the business.

What’s more, the technology is far superior than it was just a few years ago, with high-quality audio and HD video even if users are dialing in from a public wi-fi or other wireless connection.  From a security standpoint, Mitel’s video conferencing solution is cloud-based which means you’ll experience reliable, AES encrypted communications that run through their geo-redundant data centers.

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