NEC Maintenance from Connecticut Communications

NEC Maintenance from Connecticut Communications

Connecticut Communications offers a premier Maintenance Contract to customers that have an NEC phone system, digital or VoIP.  A maintenance agreement offers real value to the customer.  It’s a hardware warranty, software warranty and piece of  mind all rolled up into one.

Here is a list of items in a Connecticut Communications Maintenance Agreement;

– Hardware warranty, all parts & labor

– NEC Software Assurance; As NEC releases new software, we upgrade your software

– Phone carrier liaison; Let us contact your phone carrier to resolve issues

– End user training; unlimited phone training for new and current employees

– Remote programming changes free

– Handset coil cord replacement free

–  Phone labels reprinted free

– battery backup replacement free

– voice cable repair/replacement free

– Lower labor rate for moves, adds & changes 

– Discount on new NEC equipment

– Free phone/email support

– Once per year preventative maintenance tech visit free

– And much more


Let Connecticut Communications service your NEC system.  If you are currently serviced by BEI, Business Electronics, give us a call for a competitve quote and excellent service.