Star2Star’s Blended Unique Architecture: A Smarter Hosted Product

As an executive who keeps an eye on the latest trends in technology, you’ve probably read about Unified Communications (UC) solutions. An increasing number of businesses are deploying UC in an effort to streamline their communications. In fact, the technology is in the midst of rapid expansion, as detailed in a recent Infonetics report that forecasts the total global UC market to reach $88 billion by 2018.

Merging all communications into a single system offers tremendous cost and productivity benefits for businesses—but not all UC systems are created equal. No matter what any of our competitors claim, Star2Star’s Blended Architecture is simply a cut above the rest.

Why? Because while some UC solutions include on-premises hardware, just as we do, our StarBox Cloud Connection Manager is more advanced and intelligent and the difference is on the inside. The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager, which takes the place of a typical edge device while also providing numerous features like quality-of-service and call control, connects over the Internet to Star2Star’s Constellation network, which employs a vast array of nodes and data centers that stretch across the U.S. The network continually collects data about the performance of each node and the traffic surrounding it. The system uses that information to determine the best route for each call placed on every Star2Star customer system, and that round-the-clock monitoring is responsible for our 99.999% uptime guarantee and a system that hasn’t been off-line since 2011.


Additionally, Star2Star provides flexibility that our competitors simply can’t match. We offer three different StarBox Cloud Connection Manager models to fit small, medium and large companies. Whether your organization needs five phone extensions or 600 at any single location, we have a model that will fit your needs. Although the models are built for different business sizes, all three have identical management and offer the same feature set, which includes:

  • Integrated monitoring and remote management
  • The ability to manage multiple locations from a single screen
  • Flexible, redundant networking configuration with dual WAN ports for automatic WAN failover
  • All solid-state, low-power consumption (as low as 6W)
  • Long life and high reliability 
  • Edge traffic shaping
  • Continuous monitoring

On top of our unique architecture, Star2Star’s UC system comes chock full of features. Regardless of the size of your company, switching to UC can save money and provide significant benefits, such as free calling between disparate offices on the same system and a single monthly bill for all your communications. And if you are looking to check off a long list of business features you need from a system, look no further than our suite that includes:

  • Intraoffice videoconferencing
  • Presence management technology
  • Chat
  • Mobile communications for the iPhone
  • Call recording
  • Disaster recovery
  • Crystal-clear VoIP calling

When we say Star2Star’s UC system is smarter than the competition, we can back that up with a history of reliability and an industry best 99.85% customer retention rate. No matter how far and wide you look, you won’t find a UC provider that rivals Star2Star.

Click here to download our white paper and learn more about Star2Star’s Blended Architecture.​