Software Defined Network (SD-WAN) for Better VoIP Calls

SD-WAN is new technology where software is used to monitor the internet connection and provide the best route for VoIP calls.  Cable internet circuits offer the high seed internet for a low cost.  However, the problem with cable internet is the bandwidth is not guaranteed.  If you purchase a 50MB/10MB circuit you get that bandwidth most of the time, but it can and will bounce from 50MB all the down to 0MB.  Not a big deal if you are surfing the internet or sending emails, you probably wouldn’t even notice the blip.  But that bounce is a big deal if you use VoIP over that cable internet circuit.  That blip could cause poor voice quality, or worse, it could drop the call. Enter SD-WAN.  Simply install a secondary internet circuit such as DSL or T-1 and put a SD-WAN router in place on both circuits.  When one circuits bounces the SD-WAN device will switch the VoIP call to the better secondary circuit, saving the phone call.