SIP Trunks in an Hour

A customer called us when their PRI service went down.  As usual, we called their carrier and reported the issue.  The carrier mentioned that a fiber line was cut in the street and they will work to reroute the PRI so they can get service back.  Knowing this is not an easy task and can take up to a day or two, we asked the customer if they wanted us to install SIP trunks so they can get phone service immediately.  The customer said ‘yes’ and we were able to install SIP trunks within an hour.  Since then, the PRI is back up but they still have the SIP trunks for redundancy.

A SIP trunk is a VoIP phone service that works over your existing internet service. 

SIP allows DID (direct inward dial) for private telephone numbers and saves you money off your phone bill.

Of course, it works great as a backup to your regular phone service as well.

Contact Connecticut Communications for more information on SIP trunks for your business…203-985-1000.