Premised Based vs. Hosted Phone System

Every company wants to know what is better for their organization, a premised based PBX or a hosted PBX phone system?  The answer might depend upon how you answer these questions.

1) A – Do you purchase a new phone system every 5 years?

 B – or every 10-15 years?

2) A – Do you have an internet circuit that guarantees at least 10MB of bandwidth in BOTH directions?

    B – or less?

3) A – Do you have CAT5e cable or higher at each phone location?

    B – or older CAT3 voice cable?

4) A – Do you use/want every unified communications feature?

    B – or you just want the basic PBX features?

5)  A – Do you have multiple office locations?

     B – or one location?

If you answered ‘A’ to three or more questions you favor a hosted phone system.  If you answered ‘B’ for three or more  questions you favor a premised based phone system.

We offer two (2) premised based phone systems and four (4) hosted phone systems.  Contact us to for a free consultation to see which one is right for you.  We sell/install nationwide, give us a call 800-275-7777.