Paging System for your Phone System

A paging system can be extremely important for some businesses.  It can notify employees of an emergency, a phone call, a visitor or that the coffee truck is here.  A paging system works best when it’s integrated to the business phone system.  A user simply picks up a telephone, presses the Page key and makes an announcement.  That announcement can heard throughout the building or just in a specific section of the building.


A paging system can be setup to ‘page all’ where all the overhead speakers page, or it can setup in page zones. For example, zone 1 will only page in the office, zone 2 will only page in the warehouse, zone 3 will only page outside locations and zone 4 will ‘page all’ page zones.

Paging horns come in various shapes and sizes.  You can get paging speakers that are hidden in ceiling tiles, speakers that are weatherproof, speakers that are loud, or speakers where the calling party can ‘talk back’ to the person paging.


A paging system can be connected to a unified communications system, a premised based phone system or a hosted VoIP phone system.  Contact Connecticut Communications for details or pricing on a paging system for your office.  203-985-1000 or