Newsletter September 2013 NEC InACD

In this month’s newsletter we learn about NEC’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software package called InACD. This feature is available on NEC SV8100 VoIP telephone system.

InACD puts callers into a queue, first in first out.

InACD yields live call reporting on calls in queue for a particular department.  Managers, from their PC, can instantly see how many calls are in queue, see the longest wait time, and view what agents are logged in to handle calls.

InACD also produces statistical call reports at the end of day/week/month.  Managers can view reports to see how many phone calls each agent takes, what is the average per call length, and much more.

InACD is part of unified communications from NEC and is available on the NEC SV8100 business telephone system.  Special NEC lease rates are available.


ACD – Automatic Call Distribution

If your business receives a lot of calls place them in an ACD queue, NEC will put them in order first in, first out.  Callers have the option to leave the queue to dial another extension or leave a voice message for a call back.  Boost customer service by reducing the hold time. 

The NEC SV8100 ACD MIS real-time display provides a simulated wallboard. It instantly provides both queue threshold and agent information to supervisors via their PCs. Supervisors and authorized agents can use the agent desktop GUI to text message important information to agents or groups. This instant access to information improves agent performance and reduces training time without increasing business costs.

Agents and supervisors can retrieve statistical information from the SV8000 Series ACD by simply pressing a telephone button. When queued callers or caller hold times exceed a pre-determined threshold, the system automatically sends alerts to agents’ and supervisors’ telephone displays.

Supervisors may run reports on agents to see who is performing well and who needs improvement.