Newsletter July 2013 – NEC VoIP phone system

This month’s newsletter provides a Move Checklist for communications.  Learn the sequence of events that will help make your move easier.  It might be best to move your existing phone system, or it might make sense to install a new VoIP unified communications system.

Move Checklist

It is said, people move only once in their personal life and once in business because the experience is so painful.  Here is a list of items you need to keep in mind when moving your communications.

1)  Perform a site survey of your new office to see if you need voice & data cabling.  Sometimes you can reuse the existing cabling but sometimes you cannot. As soon as you have the keys to your new space, give us a call and we will give you a free site survey.


2)  Do you need to keep your phone number?Some businesses need to keep their phone number at all costs.  To some it’s not as important.  If you are moving within the same phone exchange, moving your lines is easy.  Call your phone provider at least two weeks ahead of time.  They will want an exact date that you want your lines moved and time of day, morning or afternoon.  Always say morning.  They will disconnect you by 8am that day and reconnect you by noon if you choose morning, or by 5pm if you choose afternoon.  If you are moving a long distance call away there are a few options that we need to discuss.

3)  Order Internet service ahead of time.  Have it installed a week or two before you move in.  That way you can have your IT person connect the router and get that working before you move in. 

4)  When you confirm your phone service installation/move of your lines, contact Connecticut Communications to schedule the move of your phone system.  On the day of the move, we will come in and disconnect it from your old office and re-install it in your new office.  

Connecticut Communications can help you with all of these items. We can cable your new office for phones/fax/credit card/paging system, as well as your computer network.  We are agents for all major phone line providers as well as Internet providers so we can place an order to move or add new service. You can do it all yourself or have the experts at Connecticut Communications do it all for you. 

We make moving easier for you so you can concentrate on the actual move.  In fact, you might even be up for moving again!

Power Outage Due to Lightning

It’s that time of the year where lightning strikes at least once per week.  And when lightning strikes, you have power outages. Connecticut Communications installs a UPS ( uninterrupted power supply) on each phone system.  If you lose power, the UPS will protect the phone system from power surges and will provide power to the phone system for about 10-30 minutes. After the UPS exhausts its battery life, the phone system will power down.  When power is restored, the UPS does not come back up on it’s own.

If you return to your office and your phone system is dead, go to the UPS and press the power button until it clicks back on (press and hold for a few seconds).  This will bring the UPS back to life and send power to the phone system.  Allow ten minutes for the phone system to boot up completely.

Sometimes the power surge blows out the UPS.  In this case, simply bypass the UPS and plug the phone system directly into the wall electrical outlet.  Call Connecticut Communications for a replacement UPS. They are free under our Maintenance Agreement.