Network Infrastructure: the Bedrock of Your Organization

Partner with CT Communications to Build a Solid Foundation!

Your network infrastructure is the foundation of your business! Trust the IT Specialists at Connecticut Communications to evaluate, design, install, and manage your critical IT Network. We offer:

  • Cabling
  • Firewall / Security Appliance
  • Switches
  • WiFi Access Points
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • UPS / Battery Backup
  • Device as a Service (DaaS)
  • Servers / Desktops / Laptops

Structured Cabling


Besides helping you select the right cabling for your needs, we can design and install all your voice & data cabling from CAT 5e, CAT 6, Coax Cable and Fiber Optic. We can also ensure you get the maximum speed from your cable and will terminate, label, and test each cable.

Firewall / Security Appliance

Firewall/Security Appliance

Today’s firewalls have evolved from devices that solely monitor and filter incoming and outgoing network traffic into next-generation multi-level, hardware- software unified threat management solutions. If you’re not currently securing the perimeter of you network with this advanced technology, ask our experts to specify and install a firewall/security solution for your business.  

Network Switches


Because switches are a key component of your network, it’s essential to consider current and future needs when choosing a switch. We can help you select a switch with the appropriate network speed, number of ports and type of ports as well as determine if a “plug-and-play” or fully managed switch is best for your business.  

WiFi Access Points

WiFi Access Points

We offer indoor and outdoor wireless access points to fit just about any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario. Whether you’re challenged with high client density, Wi-Fi-unfriendly building materials or rising employee or customer expectations, our access points provide secure, reliable access even in challenging environments.  

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage

Are your employees dealing with out-of-sync data? Or delays in responding to service or sales queries? Without ready access to data, your company may be losing sales and productivity. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a low cost, scalable solution similar to a private cloud. Data can be accessed remotely using a network connection, so employees can work anywhere, anytime.

UPS / Battery Backup

UPS/Battery Backup

Downtime caused by power outages is frustrating . . . and expensive! Protect your data and your business with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / Battery Backup. Besides identifying which power conditions you need to protect against, we can assess how much runtime you need to support your attached equipment and what size UPS you need.

Device as a Service

Device as a Service

Tired of managing your mushrooming inventory of hardware and software? We offer a turnkey approach to procuring and managing your hardware infrastructure: Device as a Service (DaaS). By bundling leased hardware with software subscriptions and IT management, you can reduce your total cost of ownership, avoid end of life challenges and simplify management of updates and patches.

Server, Desktop and Laptop Support


Besides supporting your network, we can support the devices that connect to your network. CT Communications can help choose, install, configure, troubleshoot and manage your essential servers, desktops, PCs and mobile devices. We help keep your business running smoothly with preventative maintenance and minimize downtime with knowledgeable technical support.

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