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NEC SV9100: Smart Communications for Small to Mid Size Businesses

A secure, reliable, cost-effective On-Premise Communication System for 10 – 800+ Users

With an increasingly mobile workforce, it’s crucial to keep your team aligned and maintain high levels of customer service. If you’re operating with an aging system, you simply can’t be competitive. A secure, reliable, on-premise system like the NEC SV9100 is the answer!

NEC SV9100 Delivers Smart, Robust Communications for Small to Medium Size Enterprises!

NEC Double Diamond Dealer

The NEC SV9100 supports a suite of secure voice, video, and collaboration applications and out-of-the-box mobility. The choice of communication solutions in the marketplace is vast – however, managing separate tools can waste time and drive down productivity. NEC’s SV9100 brings all this together with a cost-effective, modular solution that keeps your team – and your customers – connected!

NEC SV9100 Features:

  • 10 to 850+ users gives you have capacity to expand
  • Easily configured and integrates with existing IT technology as an analogue, digital or IP system
  • Avoid downtime with a reliable, on-premise system
  • Simple upgrade to SIP Technology so you avoid the dangers of the ISDN switch off
  • Accommodate your remote workforce with mobility, homeworking & BYOD
  • Available features include video conferencing, document sharing, screen sharing & presence & more
  • Enable voice & video mobile extension over WiFi for your smartphone or smart device
  • Choose from desktop VoIP or digital phones as well as WiFi handsets
  • Multimedia Contact Center and Advanced Call Management available

Desktop VoIP or Digital Phones, plus WiFi Handsets

The Option to Connect to the Cloud in the Future

PLUS, when you’re ready to connect to the cloud, it’s seamless with NEC SV9100! When combined with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE, the SV9100 can be extended to the cloud for powerful unified communications tools that keep employees and customers connected, … whether in the office, at home or anywhere in between.

NEC SV9100 why upgrade?

Should you upgrade to the NEC SV9100?

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