NEC SV9100 Software Enhancements

NEC has released new software for the SV9100 unified communications server and with it coome new features.

CALLER ID – Flexible Calling Party Number

The user can select the Calling Party Number (CPN) by using a DSS function key on the NEC phone.  The assigned caller ID on a CPN key is sent over the specified trunk.

Benefits – Flexible CPN settings allow you to manipulate the appearance of the calling party number for outgoing calls.  Small businesses such as a doctor office or small business owners owning mulitiple companies sometimes share an office space.  An attendant can simply press a function key to present the Calling Party Number for that appropriate business.  Other business such as collection agencies, law enforcement officials, and private investigators also uses this practice when making outbound calls.  Individuals can also present their personal DID or the corporate DID.


Mobile extension can answer a parked call automatically or by manually dialing the Answer Park Hold service code through a DID trunk.

Benefits – The Answer Park Hold is extremely useful for reducing the hold time that callers experience.


The NEC VoIP unified communications server comes with software that is easily upgraded.  NEC customers always have the latest software features from NEC.