NEC Phone Systems are Versatile

The NEC Communications Server is extremely flexible and can handle a multitude of carrier line services.  For instance, the NEC SV9100 can connect to regular analog copper phone lines, a PRI, BRI, DID trunks or SIP trunks.  NEC does not care who the carrier is, could be Frontier, EarthLink, Comcast, Windstream or anyone else. NEC is also versatile when it comes to users.  Users can be analog, digital, cordless, or IP.  An IP user can be on site, remote, use an NEC phone, 3rd party IP phone or a Softphone.


Unified Communications from NEC works with any type of phone service or phone user.

It’s easy to connect music on hold, external paging horns, a door phone, control a gate, view visitors at the door and buzz them in.


Sure, NEC has a hosted IP offering, however, a premise based NEC SV9100 communications server can be much more flexible and give you the right features for the right price.

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