NEC Meeting Center – June Newsletter Connecticut Communications

The NEC Meeting Center is a server blade that installs within an NEC phone system.

It provides the end user with high quality audio conferencing, web collaboration and mass notification.

The NEC Meeting Center is a part of NEC’s unified communications platform.  End users can setup their own audio conferencing easily.  Email invitations are sent out with PIN numbers.

End users can perform their own Webinars with NEC Meeting Center.  Participants can view the host’s PC and call into the audio conference to hear the presentation.

Mass notification is also a feature of the NEC Meeting Center.  Notify a group of people using text messages, phone calls and/or email messages.  Very easy to setup and use.

For more detailed description of the NEC Meeting Center, click on the link below or call Connecticut Communications.


NEC Meeting Center

The NEC Meeting Center is a tool that allows you to exchange information easily between customers and colleagues while reducing the need for travel.

The NEC Meeting Center has multiple individual features that each employee can use. It has audio conferencing, web collaboration and mass notification.  You can use one or all three.

Audio Conferencing;  Host your own conference calls!  You can have a reservation-based conference or a reservation-less conference so it’s always available.  Customize each audio conference room per your requirements; Select PIN numbers for callers to use, turn recording on/off, select audio conference muted on/off, etc.

– Schedule recurring conferences via a Web Portal

– Send Email Invitations and use Outlook iCalendar invite.

– Display the loudest speaker – identifies caller who might be inadvertently injecting noise into the conference so you can mute that person.

– Record entire conference for easy playback via a PC.

Dial-out Conferencing;  The system will call a pre-determined group of people and place them into an audio conference.  The Dial-out conferencing provides flexibility to reach a group of people via voice, email, and SMS text and if necessary pull them into an impromptu audio conference.

Web Collaboration: By combining Web Collaboration with Audio Conferencing, you can further enhance the collaboration capabilities of your employees.  This feature most resembles a Webinar type feature where you can show your desktop to remote people and have a discussion on it.

– No software download required and no recurring costs.

– Designed to run across the internet with no IT involvement.

– Review projects, schematics, perform sales presentations.


Mass Notification: Ensures your message gets out!  Alert people about an emergency or inform them about an event, this application is real easy to use and allows you to send messages to individuals quickly and efficiently.

Stop paying a 3rd party for conferencing and collaboration. Contact Connecticut Communications, or click on the link below, for more details.