NEC has a new IP Gigabit Phone with no paper labels

NEC’s new 8-button IP phone does not have a paper label.  Instead changes to the programming automatically appear on the display. 


Need more than 8 buttons?  Simply add a license to increase it to 16 buttons.  Still not enough?  Add another license to get to 24 buttons and again to get to a maximum of 32 buttons!  This phone is a 10/100MB ethernet connection, but if you need gigabit simply add a license and you get gigabit throughput.

Don’t need that many buttons?  How about NEC’s new 6-button IP phone?


This is great for users who prefer to use the NEC unified communications UC Suite to process calls from their PC.  Or, use this phone in common areas like the kitchen or lobby.

Contact Connecticut Communications for more information on this phone and other unified communicaitons solutions.  203-985-1000.