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Mitel Dynamic Extension

Mitel’s Dynamic Extension solution allows users to select up to eight different devices or numbers to act as their answer point. By grouping multiple devices together under the same user number, all of their phone numbers are effectively collapsed into one, so callers can reach users regardless of which number they call.

In the past being away from your desk meant missing calls, having multiple numbers, and wasting time playing phone tag with frustrated colleagues and customers. 

Today, you may even experience the complete opposite, too many phones and devices.What if you could have one number that will reach you wherever you’re working? Mitel’s Dynamic Extension takes any device with a direct key dialable number, such as your work mobile, your laptop softphone, your home working landline, or your hotel room telephone and adds it to your personal ring group.


So when a colleague or customer dials your office number, all of the devices in your personal ring group will respond. On answering any device in the ring group, all grouped devices will stop ringing. Seamless hand off allows calls to be transferred to any other device in the ring group without the need to end the call or place the caller on hold. So if you need to leave the office, you can take the call with you.

Simple key codes allow corporate network functionality on non-Mitel handsets allowing you to transfer calls, retrieve voicemail, and take part in conference calls from any telephone. Outgoing calls from within your personal ring group will be identified by your single direct dial number. One number, one voice mailbox, and all your calls delivered direct with Mitel’s Dynamic Extension.

No matter where you’re working, your customers will know where to find you. Not only that, but Dynamic Extension can be added to any Legacy Phone System via the Mitel Legacy Rescue Solution. Delivering mobility to even the most limited infrastructures.