June 2017 Connecticut Communications Newsletter

Phone systems come with many standard features, yet most users do not know what are available to them.  The standard features in the NEC SV9100 phone system in this month’s newsletter are extremely useful

NEC Features – Did You Know?

Standard Features you can use

Voice Over – When calling a busy extension, simply press Voice Over to talk to the user in their ear while they are on the phone.  You can’t hear their conversation and the outside caller can’t hear you.  User has the option to reply back to you.

Reverse Voice Over – When you are on the phone and need assistance, press the Reverse Voice Over key to call your assistant…without putting the caller on hold.


Conversation Record – To record your conversation press the Record key.  The conversation gets recorded as a voice mail message in your mailbox.  If you have ‘voice mail to email’ you will also get the recorded message as a .wav file attachment in an email.

Answering Machine Emulation – When activated, callers leaving you a voice message will be played live over your speakerphone.  You can intercept the call at anytime by simply raising the handset.

Mobile Extension – Callers to your NEC phone will also ring your mobile phone. First one to answer gets the call.  If you don’t answer either phone, caller will leave a message only in your office voice mail.

Park & Page – An automated attendant feature, callers have the option to page you throughout the building to tell you that you have a call.  Simply go to any phone to pick up the call.

Contact Connecticut Communications to discuss these features in more detail.

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