July 2017 Connecticut Communications Newsletter

Can your customer get a busy signal calling your business? If you have lines in a hunt group, you are creating a Dam… no caller should hear a busy tone, allow all callers to reach you.

Why is your phone service like a Dam?

Busy Signals

A dam is a barrier to stop water from continuing down its path. Your analog phone service is no different.  If you have four (4) lines in a hunt group, you can make or receive up to four (4) simultaneous calls.  The fifth call gets a busy signal.

If you change your phone service to burstable SIP trunks, the fifth call will be allowed to come in.  And the sixth call, etc.  You do not pay for the extra SIP trunk, you simply pay a low ‘per minute’ charge for every minute of those extra calls. 

Busy signals can hurt your business, callers may opt to try your competition. Instead of having a Dam, your lines should be like the Grand Canyon, free flowing.  Get burstable SIP trunks from Connecticut Communications today.

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