Is Comcast’s Phone System Offering Really a Phone System?

Comcast has recently starting selling a business phone system called Business VoiceEdge.  Comcast claims that Business VoiceEdge has a variety of features for your business phone. However, it is really a cloud based virtual PBX and all you have in your office are IP telephones.  Without premised based phone system equipment at your office, you lose valuable phone system features, such as these ten (10) features you take for granted;

1) Overhead Paging throughout the office.

2) Analog ports for cordless phones, conference phones

3) Door boxes for people entering your facility

4) Call Center Application

5) Integration with Microsoft Outlook

6) Call Recording

7) Move the PBX, if needed.  With Comcast, must stay within Comcast territory

8) Enterprise IP cordless phones

9) Conference Bridge for up to 16 callers

10) If you lose Comcast service, you have no internal communications.


Connecticut Communications has received many inquiries from businesses that have installed the Comcast Business VoiceEdge…and they all ask for phone system features that Comcast cannot provide. Since the Comcast solution is not premised based, we cannot add features/equipment to it so they are out of luck.  For some, Comcast’s VoiceEdge will work just fine.  However, if you business requires one of the ten items listed above, the Comcast solution is not for you.

Feel free to contact Connecticut Communications to discuss these features in more detail.  203-985-1000.