Is Bad Weather Getting You Down?

If you live in the northeast you’ve seen just how disruptive weather can be. Whether it’s blizzards, fire, hurricanes, tonados or earthquakes, Mother Nature’s wrath has a nasty habit of knocking business communications down and taking more than a small bite out of their bottom lines.

Workers on the East Coast learned just how much company’s can lose when weather disaster strikes. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy roared ashore and left $65 billion in lost business, much of it resulting from phone system outages, in its fearsome wake. Of course hurricanes aren’t the only reason communications systems crash.  A simple power outage or equipment failure can also render an enterprise helpless.


For years downtime was a fact of life that businesses could not avoid.  Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Star2Star’s Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions include disaster avoidance and recovery that keeps businesses of all sizes up and running under even the harshest circumstances. Remember the aforementioned $65 billion lost during Sandy? Star2Star never experienced downtime during that storm.

When an unexpected outage strikes, StarRecovery detects the problem and seizes control of the system, rerouting calls to cell phones or auto attendants. The system is maintained in the cloud so it is not vulnerable to physical damage. During any kind of disruptive incident, your enterprise retains all the business functionality you would otherwise have with a Star2Star system, including:

  • Unlimited voice mail
  • Email delivery of voicemail
  • Customized call routing
  • Conference rooms

So if downtime has been a drag in the past or the threat of service interruption in the future has you up at night, consider looking to Star2Star’s Star Recovery disaster recovery for help. You’ll find your phone system, and your spirits, will be up, up, up.

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