Growing Your Business Should Not Be Expensive!

Expanding your business to new locations across the country or around the world should be exciting, rather than a source of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, planning ways to maintain smooth, reliable, and cost-effective communications between disparate branch locations can be difficult, especially without a communications system that’s up to the challenge of business growth. 

A dynamic, cloud-based phone system, like those offered by Star2Star, makes it easy for your business and your communications system to grow and scale seamlessly. In fact, you may be able to expand your communications system and cut the cost of your monthly phone bills. This sounds more like a dream than a nightmare.


Here are just a few of the many ways a cloud-based phone system takes the stress out of business expansion:

It’s easy to add phone extensions: More locations mean more employees, more customers, and more extensions. A cloud-based communications system allows you to add extensions quickly and seamlessly. Your workers and customers will never have to wait for the phone system to catch up with their communication needs, and your newest locations will immediately be brought into the company fold rather than being left in the dark.

More lines only when you need them: With a cloud-based communications system, you can add lines on the fly using a built-in feature called line bursting, so your customers will always be able to get through. Line pooling enables sharing a set of lines across multiple locations, reducing the total number of lines you will need as your business expands. Your phone service will remain consistent and dependable, without unexpected costs. 

Savings on power bills: A cloud-based system requires less equipment and less on-premise infrastructure to run. It consumes less electricity and produces less heat. A business expansion can add greatly to your heating/cooling and electricity bills. Turning to cloud-based phone services is one way to keep those power bills under control and avoid the large, up-front costs associated with purchasing and hooking up new equipment.

Expansion without added infrastructure: A cloud-based phone solution enables your business to scale the phone and communications systems as it grows, without the expense and time of building out new infrastructure. Upfront costs for a business expansion are greatly lowered because the equipment involved with expanding a cloud-based system is typically much less than that associated with installing an entirely new hardwired system. Plus, your new locations will be making money and achieving full productivity sooner because they won’t have to wait for their phone systems to come online. 

Keeping in touch with Unified Communications: As your business expands and needs to communicate across longer distances, Star2Star’s UC features are there to support your growth. Features such as videoconferencing allow for effective communication, even between branches across the country. Text-based chat enables instant communication, so no one is left waiting on critical business matters. Since UC features are cloud-based, they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with the touch of a button.

Consistency and reliability: When you expand your business, you might expect that some things will simply fall through the cracks. You just hope they aren’t issues that will affect your company’s customer service and reputation. With a cloud-based communications system like Star2Star’s, you can count on continuity and consistency in your phone service, so you don’t have to worry about preserving business continuity in the midst of the expansion chaos. No matter what else happens, different branches will be able to keep in touch and customers will be able to reach you. That should make you rest a little easier.

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