Connecting your NEC phone system to your LAN for advanced features

This month’s Connecticut Communications newsletter describes advanced features an end user can receive by connecting their phone system to their local area network.

  • Conference Bridge
  • Remote Programming
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Unified Messaging
  • Call Center
  • Presence
  • IP Networking of Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems already realize the advanced features of connecting to the LAN.  However, older PBX systems can also connect to the network to realize the same features of VoIP systems.

Connect your Phone System to your LAN

If I asked you why would you connect your phone system to your data network, most people would think of VoIP.  However, there are many features that are available because of the LAN connection.

Remote IP phone:  Use an IP phone from home or remote office. Callers have no idea you are not in the office and you have the convenience of being connected to your office.


Conferencing:  A Conference Bridge in the phone system allows for professional grade conference calling.  From your PC you can send email invites and setup the conference.


Remote Access:  Connecticut Communications can remote into the system to make programming changes for you.  Maintenance customers get remote programming changes free of charge.

Unified Messaging:  Voice mail to email is a large part of unified messaging.  All voice messages are sent your email as .wav file IP Networking: Link other phone systems together to allow extension dialing, trunk/line sharing and a single voice mail system.attachments for easy listening from your PC or smartphone.

User Mobility:  Users can use their smartphones to connect to the phone system.  Never miss a call when you are away from the office, check voice mail and intercom fellow employees.


Call Center:  Agents can view the number of people on hold in real time and run reports of detailed call activity.


Presence:  PC users can see other users that are available to take a call.  Users set their presence to show if they are in the office, out of the office or unavailable.  Phone buttons only show the status of on/off the hook and the number of users you can see is limited by the number of buttons on the phone.  Presence shows more detail and can include every single user on the phone system.


IP Networking:  Link other phone systems together to allow extension dialing, trunk/line sharing and a single voice mail system.

NEC Aspire Displays

The display on the NEC Aspire display telephones will go bad eventually. Humidity gets into the displays and damages the pixels.

If you would like the displays fixed, a technician can come out and install new displays.  Cost is $75 per display plus labor.

If you have a Maintenance Contract with Connecticut Communications a technician will come out and replace them free of charge.