Connecticut Communications September 2016 Newsletter

NEC’s unified communications system has new features that will enable your business to be more mobile.  In this month’s newsletter you can read up on Multi-Device Support,  and Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.  These features allow your sales staff to receive calls anywhere.

New NEC Features

Ring Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Multi-Device Support splits an incoming call to multiple termination points.

When the primary extension number receives a call, all devices in the group ring simultaneously.  First one to answer gets the call, the others stop ringing. Users manage the devices from UC Suite.


Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing


– Simple internal video conference with no application desktop software to install
– Four conference groups at one time
– Eight users per conference group- Maximum number of users is 32



Our Maintenance customers enjoy a discount on NEC equipment.


Wireless Headset

Free yourself from cords!


Video Surveillance

Keep track of your  office surroundings with high resolution video cameras.Watch live from your smartphone!