Connecticut Communications September 2015 Newsletter

Read this month’s newsletter on the new UT880 Android phone from NEC !  This corporate desk phone integrates with the NEC unified communications system to show you presence status of workers, stock market quotes, weather information and much more.

The New UT880

Android Phone from NEC

The new UT880 from NEC has been a big hit with customers!  This IP phone is based on the Android operating system. NEC has a variety of applications that can be loaded on the phone, one of which is the phone app itself!  No more DESI labels, simply press the screen for DSS key access.

The UT880 offers you:
– Full 7″ color display
– Multiline SIP client that emulates NEC
– Integrated Bluetooth capability
– Built in Camera
– USB Port

What applications are available?
– Video Surveillance Camera Access
– Weather
– Personal Picture Scrolling
– Email
– UC Suite
– Open Interface for App Development

View the UT880 Video !


NEC Software Assurance

Once per year, NEC releases a major software version. If you have NEC Software Assurance, and you do if you have a Connecticut Communications Maintenance Agreement, you automatically get the latest NEC software when we come out to perform your free annual maintenance inspection.



Our Maintenance customers enjoy a free battery backup unit and free inside wiring warranty.


Wireless Headset

No more neck pain with this headset…add a lifter to answer away from your desk.


Video Surveillance

Keep track of your office surroundings with high resolution video cameras.  Watch live from your smartphone!