Connecticut Communications Newsletter March 2017

Analog lines are being replaced by VoIP SIP trunks because customers realized that analog lines are deteriorating and SIP offers more features. 

SIP Trunks

Too Old to SIP?


Analog copper lines pictured above are deteriorating.  AT&T knew that, which is why they sold the landline business to Frontier.  Frontier has been struggling to keep up with maintenance and customers are experiencing phone call issues like never before.

SIP Trunks ride over your existing internet circuit and provide DID (direct inward dial) numbers so your customers can bypass the receptionist to ring your phone directly.  If your internet goes down, calls automatically rollover to another number, i.e. cell phone, so you will never miss a call.  SIP Trunks will also save you MONEY off your phone service.


So, if you still have Comcast or Frontier lines, give Connecticut Communications a call and we will visit your office to discuss SIP!



We perform system backups so you are always protected.


Wireless Headset

These headsets are very comfortable, our customers love them!


Video Surveillance

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