Connecticut Communications Newsletter March 2015

The March 2015 Newsletter from Connecticut Communications focuses on the NEC Appointment Reminder application.  If you have a business that contacts customers to remind them of upcoming appointments, you can save a ton of time and money by allowing the NEC phone system to complete that task for you. 

NEC Appointment Reminder

NEC Appointment Reminder provides your clients reminders about their previously scheduled appointments. It reduces missed appointments and last minute cancellations by instructing the phone system to automatically call clients and remind them of their upcoming appointments. When customers receive Appointment Reminder calls, they are provided options to confirm their appointments, cancel, or to speak with a customer service representative.

If your customer presses: 
– “1”, it is annotated in your database that the customer has confirmed the appointment
– “2”, the message will be replayed
– “3”, the call will be transferred to a predefined number (The number can be an internal extension or external number)

Anything other than “1, 2, or 3”, the called party will be prompted to retry three times
– If the called party continues to press the wrong digit, after three attempts, the database is annotated with “invalid selection” and the call is disconnected

If the call is unanswered:
– If a new call goes unanswered (after one minute) the call is marked as “NO ANSWER” in the database and the call is ended at that time.
 – The Appointment reminder has a configurable retry setting that will continue to attempt to deliver reminder messages based on your requirements

Click Appointment Reminder Brochure for more info



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