Connecticut Communications Newsletter June 2013

Connecticut Communications produces a newsletter each month. The newsletter is an informative piece of information on technology and consists of;

  • Helpful Technical Information
  • Phone System Feature or New Product
  • Phone Set Feature for User

Last month’s newsletter included;

  • Internet Redundancy
  • NEC Bluetooth Handset
  • NEC Auto Set Relocation

The Newsletter is very easy to read and understand.  Our readers enjoy learning about new features, how to’s, and saving money.  Each month the newsletter gives the reader something different to read, but it’s always informative.

Internet Redundancy

Everyone has an internet circuit.  What happens when your internet goes down?  You are basically out of business, right? Today, your business relies on the internet now more than ever.

Why not add an inexpensive secondary internet circuit such as AT&T u-verse or DSL?  This will give you redundancy, in case your primary internet connection fails.  Also, your secondary circuit can actually combine with your primary internet connection to give you more bandwidth.


A dual WAN (wide area network) router will allow you to connect both of your internet circuits.  The router can be configured to use the secondary circuit only in a fail-over mode.  Or, it can be configured to use the secondary circuit along with the primary to increase your bandwidth.  Either way, when one internet circuit fails, the router will automatically switch over to the other circuit.  Business can continue, at a slightly slower speed, but at least you’re still in business.

A secondary internet circuit costs about $70 per month and a dual WAN router costs about $750.  A small price to pay to keep your business functioning. 

Bluetooth Handset Adapter

NEC has a Bluetooth handset that takes the place of a regular corded handset.  You can expect to get about a 150′ range from the bluetooth handset, about the same as your cordless phone at home.  It has a 20-Character/ 2-Line display, eight (8) programmable function keys for one-touch extensions, and six (6) fixed feature keys.  The best part about the Bluetooth adapter is the ability of the user to sync up their existing mobile phone Bluetooth headset with their NEC telephone.  Mobile users can leave their Bluetooth earpiece on and sync it up with their NEC phone when in the office and mobile phone when they are out of the office.  Or, you can just use it as a cordless phone in the office.