Connecticut Communications Newsletter January 2017

This month’s newsletter talks about phone technology.  Most people don’t realize that their business phone system adopts technology just as fast as their smartphones…yet few companies change their phone system, why?



Is this your cell phone?

This flip phone was introduced in 1996.  This Motorola StarTAC was state of the art and everyone wanted one.

I’m willing to guess you have upgraded your cell phone since then, but why?  It sill worked?

New cell phones offer new technology, you say?  Then how come you haven’t upgraded your phone system since then?  Great new phone system technology has emerged and you are not benefiting from them.


So, if you still have the handset above…give us a call, we can discuss what you have been missing.



We guarantee two (2) hour response time for a system failure.


Wireless Headset

These headsets are very comfortable, our customers love them!


Video Surveillance

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