Connecticut Communications Newsletter January 2015

This month’s newsletter talks about a bluetooth adapter for the NEC office phone.  Everyone has a large contact list in their smartphone, why not be able to call from this list using your office telephone?

If you receive a call on your smartphone, answer it on your NEC office phone.

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Bluetooth Adapter

This NEC Bluetooth Adapter allows you to connect your smartphone with your NEC phone.

Receiving calls from Smartphone connection: User is able to able to establish a talk path from a call connected on the smartphone device and talk through the handset on the NEC terminal via the handset of the NEC terminal.

When a call is received by the smart device, the NEC Terminal will provide an audio notification of incoming call (ringing).

– Calls can be answered and terminated by placing the NEC terminal in a on/off hook mode (via handset) or pressing the speaker button on the NEC terminal.

– Speaker and handset volume output can be controlled by the NEC terminal.

– Music can be streamed from the smartphone to the speaker of the NEC terminal.

Placing Calls via NEC terminal: User can place a call from the Smart Device through the NEC terminal.

– User can enter a calling number from the smart device in order to establish the voice connection through the NEC Terminal.

– User can link the internal phone book of the smart device in order to establish a voice connection through the NEC terminal

This solution requires a 3rd party application to be active on the smart device.



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Wireless Headset

This headset is compatible with your NEC system, only $295.


Video Surveillance

Keep track of your office surroundings with high resolution video cameras.  Watch live from your smartphone.