Connecticut Communications Newsletter February 2017

you have to contact a lot of people simultaneously, how do you do it?  The feature will call each person on your list and immediately connect them into a conference call where you can talk to everyone at once. 

Reverse 911

Instant Conference Call


Imagine if you could press one button and get your entire group on a conference call within seconds.  Well that’s exactly what can happen if you have GlobalMeet Conferencing. Works kind of like a reverse 911…instead of calling everyone in an emergency, the system will call everyone and put them in the same conference call.

– Press one button on your phone
– System will out dial numbers of people in your group and connect them to the conference.
– Multiple phone numbers can be entered, per person, i.e. office, home, mobile, etc.  When person answers they are immediately brought into the conference call.
– Uses only one phone line.  Since the system is in the cloud, it can handle hundreds of simultaneous calls while you are only using one.
– Notify people of an emergency.

This application is the reverse of typical conference calls where people are asked to call in on a specific date/time.  In this case, members of the group are all called simultaneously and brought immediately into the conference.
This application is available to everyone for a small fee, per person, per month.



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