Connecticut Communications Newsletter April 2015

Everyone has called into an audio conference at one time or another.  Usually, a large company sets up the conference on their conference bridge.  They send the invite email link and you call in at the designated time.  Now, you too, can have your own conference bridge for zero ($0) dollars per month.

Connecticut Communications will perform a free phone bill analysis for your company and we will inform you if you are paying too much or if you should add/drop phone service.

Great Audio Conferencing – Great Low Price

There are many ways to host an audio conference call.  You can do it yourself, if you can figure out how to conference more than three callers on your phone system.  You can purchase a conference bridge card for your phone system, and if you have a PRI you can easily host your own conference.  But what if you don’t have a PRI, or only want to host conference calls occasionally?

Connecticut Communications has partnered with PGi, a 20 year old company that offers great audio conferencing WITHOUT a contract.  You just pay 2.5 cents per minute, per caller, with $2 minimum.

Why pay a ‘per month’ fee when you might not use it for a month or two?

Connecticut Communications can also offer Operator Assisted Conferencing where an Operator will assist a caller into the conference.  Cost is 20 cents per minute, per caller.  Call me for more details on this service.

It’s easy to sign up for a PGi conferencing account.  Just sign a Customer Service Order and an account will be setup for you. Use it whenever you need it.


Click PGi Audio Conferencing for a detailed brochure.

Need more convincing?  Call me and I will setup an audio conference call with multiple people so you can experience it for yourself.



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Wireless Headset

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Video Surveillance

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