Connecticut Communications May 2015 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter focuses on the uMobility application from NEC.  uMobility is a VoIP extension off of the NEC SV8100/9100 unified communications system. Each user can open the uMobility app on their smartphone for access to the phone system to make and receive phone calls.

Connecticut Communications will perform a free phone bill analysis for your company and we will inform you if you are paying too much or if you should add/drop phone service.


NEC uMobility Application is now available on Android phones.

New iPhone version now allows incoming calls to be answered or declined while the phone is in password protected mode. Also available on the Android version

NEC Loyalty Discounts

NEC will give you a large trade-in value on your existing NEC system when you upgrade to the latest NEC SV9100.

NEC is #1 in worldwide market share

NEC surpassed Avaya as the world’s leader in lines shipped. You are part of an NEC family that is highly respected around the world.



Our Maintenance customers enjoy free NEC software upgrades, unlimited training and free phone labels.


Wireless Headset

This headset is compatible with your NEC system, only $295.


Video Surveillance

Keep track of your office surroundings with high resolution video cameras.  Watch live from your smartphone.