Connecticut Communications August 2016 Newsletter

Overhead paging is a viable way to sound an alarm notifying occupants of an emergency.  The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires organizations to establish some kind of alarm system to notify people of hazards.  One way to do that is to install an overhead paging system.  This paging system can be connected to your NEC unified communications system for easy access by everyone in the organization.

Overhead Paging

Page throughout your facility

You can pick up your NEC phone and send a page over all the telephone speakers. Anyone near a phone will hear it, unless they are on a call themselves (page will not come through if user is on the phone). What if you have areas that do not have a telephone nearby, i.e. warehouse, outside areas, hallways, etc.?

An overhead paging system allows a user to page over overhead speakers so everyone gets the message.  You can even setup different page zones so you only page the hallways, or only page outside, or only page in the warehouse.

OSHA Requirement – Osha requires all businesses to be able to notify their employees of an emergency.  A paging system satisfies that requirement.

Security – Alert employees of a security issue so they can take the necessary precautions.

The paging system connects to your NEC phone system so any user has the ability to send a page over the speakers.

Contact Connecticut Communications to discuss overhead paging. or 203-985-1001.



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