Connecticut Communications August 2015 Newsletter

NEC has a call recording device that you can use to record conversations.  This is a very inexpensive way to record a few extensions. Read about NEC and their unified communications products.

Call Recording

NEC Call Recorder

NEC can record phone conversations and store them as a voice message in your voice mailbox.  That is a standard feature of the NEC voice mail system.  However, the user would have to manually press the record key to start/stop the recording.  What if you wanted to record ALL of the conversations automatically?  The NEC Call Recorder gets installed between the wall jack and the NEC telephone and the data connection connects to the user’s PC.

– Records all conversations
– Conversations are stored on the user’s PC or in a folder on the server. 
– Install one device per phone
– $495 each, plus install

Great for employee training!

Want to Record All Calls?

NEC offers a 4-port Call Recorder.  The 4-port has Management software so the administrator can sort the recordings easily.

If you have more than sixteen (16) users, it’s best to look into a server based call recorder that sits on the phone lines and records every conversation and stores the recordings on its own server.

NEC Software Assurance

Once per year, NEC releases a major software version. If you have NEC Software Assurance, and you do if you have a Connecticut Communications Maintenance Agreement, you automatically get the latest NEC software when we come out to perform your free annual maintenance inspection.



Our Maintenance customers enjoy free curly cords, free phone labels and free UPS replacement.


Wireless Headset

No more neck pain with this headset…add a lifter to answer away from your desk.


Video Surveillance

Keep track of your office surroundings with high resolution video cameras.  Watch live from your smartphone!