Communication is the Key! Unified Communications Newsletter May 2014

Read about how communication is the key to business.  Whether it is email, text, phone calls, extra monitors, etc. read about how business people can be more efficient. 

Connecticut Communications helps business people become more efficient at work, from unified communications to extra montiors to email. 


There are many ways we communicate today; voice, text, email, instant message, snapchat, Facetime, Instagram, Facebook, video conference and others.  They all have one thing in common; the Internet.

In the 1970’s everyone had a secretary to help communicate for them.  The secretaries made phone calls, setup meetings, wrote letters, opened the mail, etc.  Today, each person is responsible for their own correspondence.

Business owners can take advantage of the internet to help their employees, and themselves, become more efficient.

Voice: Make/receive phone calls on home IP phone, laptop or cell phone.  You don’t have to take every call, but you have the option.


Email: Send/receive email on cell phone or home PC.  Business voice messages are now playable .wav file attachments in your email.  Some customers expect a speedy response.


Microsoft Office:  Connect securely to your internet cloud account to create/edit sales proposals from home or on the road.  Cloud files are always backed up and there for you.  Create/send meeting requests.  Create presentations.  Why not close the deal now?


Multiple Monitors:  If you don’t have two or three monitors on your desk you are not as efficient as you can be.


Wi-Fi:  Wireless access in the business and home allows devices to easily access the internet.  iPhones, iPads, PCs, etc. Cover your entire office with a secure wireless access.


Video Surveillance:  Check in on your office or home from your PC or smart phone.  Saves time by not having to drive there. 


Internet Speed:  Bandwidth comes in many forms; cable, T-1, fiber, Ethernet. 768k/1.5MB/50MB/100MB/higher.  How much speed you can get depends upon your location.

Ready to be more efficient?

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