Telecom is complex. We make it simple.

Today, the carrier services your business uses to connect to the world are essential! How can you be sure you have the security, reliability, and bandwidth you need . . . without paying too much? Turn to Connecticut Communications. We can:

Business Carrier Services CT
  • Review your services and costs
  • Evaluate and select the best carrier services for YOU
  • Re-negotiate existing carrier contracts or initiate new contracts
  • Consolidate multi-location statements in a single statement
  • Support you with plans that include troubleshooting carrier lines
Telecom Expense Audit

Are you paying too much for carrier / internet services?

You get the statements every month: recurring charges, usage fees, regulatory fees, different charges for inbound and outbound calls . . . and on and on. Who can make sense of it?

Start Saving with a CTAudit

We can evaluate your monthly invoices to uncover potential savings. Request a Carrier Services Audit today! Submit your request online or call us at (203) 985-1000!

We design the best solution for YOU . . .

We can work with major carriers to initiate new contracts or negotiate modifications to existing plans. Since we’re not locked in to one carrier, we can recommend the best services for your situation – whether it’s SD-WAN or Fiber Internet. Our solutions include:

CARRIER SERVICES from CT Communications

  • SIP Trunks
  • SD-WAN
  • MPLS
  • Metro-Ethernet
  • Expense Management
  • Master Agent for Leading Tier I & Tier II Providers
  • Contract Re-Negotiation

. . . and follow through with ongoing support!

Our comprehensive CTCare support plans include troubleshooting for carrier line problems. Instead of getting the runaround, a representative will evaluate your issue, determine the cause, and interface on your behalf to resolve it.

Control costs. Maximize bandwidth. Create redundancy.

Let’s face it: your voice and data networks and the applications running over them have become more complex. Between mission-critical applications in the cloud and the remote workers and branch offices relying on those applications, there’s never enough bandwidth. Reliability and redundancy are critical. Don’t go it alone – work with an expert!

With 50+ years of experience, Connecticut Communications can help you build a secure, redundant communication network that maximizes bandwidth while controlling costs!

Carrier Services Brochure

Ready to save on Carrier / Internet Services?

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Struggling with an outdated phone system?

Ask us about upgrading to a new on-premise, hosted/cloud, or turn-key managed solutions. We can show you how new technology can boost your bottom line . . .  and how savings on carrier services can help offset the cost! 

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