August 2017 Connecticut Communications Newsletter

Should your business install a hosted PBX or an on premise PBX? Answer these five (5) questions and you’ll have your answer!

Premised Based PBX or Hosted PBX?

Which is best?

Although there are many factors that go into the decision, how you answer these questions might be all you need to know.

1) A – Do you purchase a new phone system every 5 years?
    B – or every 10-15 years?

2) A – Do you have an internet circuit that guarantees at least 10MB of bandwidth in BOTH directions?
    B – or less?

3) A – Do you have CAT5e cable or higher at each phone location?
    B – or older CAT3 voice cable?

4) A – Do you use/want every unified communications feature?
    B – or you just want the basic PBX features?

5)  A – Do you have multiple office locations?
     B – or one location?


If you answered ‘A’ to three or more questions you favor a hosted phone system.  If you answered ‘B’ to three or more  questions you favor a premised based phone system.

There is no right or wrong answer…just what  is right or wrong for your business.

We offer two (2) premised based phone systems and four (4) hosted phone systems.  Contact us to for a free consultation to see which one is right for you.  We sell/install nationwide.



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