AT&T sells wireless service – Connecticut Communications 1/2014

In this month’s Connecticut Communications Newsletter, read about AT&T selling it’s Connecticut wireline service to Frontier Communications for $2 billion.  Wireline service is analog copper lines, otherwise known as AT&T’s CentraLink product.  

If your phone system has AT&T lines now you are okay.  However, when your AT&T contract is up, you may want to see what other carriers have to offer.  Otherwise, you will become a customer of Frontier Communications.

Phone communications has been converting to VoIP over the last decade or more.  Our cell phones are VoIP, we use Skype on our computers and Vonage for lower long distance service so it’s a natural progression that AT&T sell off it’s older technology so it can concentrate on future VoIP offerings.  Whether or not VoIP is something your business should have now is a discussion you need to have with your equipment service provider.

Connecticut Communications can offer phone line service from multiple vendors and we can tell you the pros and cons of each.

AT&T sells wireline to Frontier

Back in the August, 2010 Newsletter we told you about AT&T’s decision to end their wireline (copper) business.  They were going to start to phase out all copper lines.  AT&T was moving to an all wireless and IP-based infrastructure and it was too costly to maintain both networks.  Well, AT&T did not wait for a phase out of their wireline business as they sold it’s Connecticut wireline operations to Frontier Communications for $2 Billion.  The deal is targeted to be final by the fall of 2014.

What does that mean to you if you have AT&T wireline service?
You might be asking, ‘Do I have wireline service?’ 

Wireline service includes Centrex, CentraLink, Flat Business Line, DSL, and others.

You should expect emails, phone calls and other marketing schemes to get you to switch to another provider.


Let the experts at Connecticut Communications help you decipher which provider is the best for you and your current/future phone system.  We will provide an unbiased view and might even give you options you haven’t even considered.  It might be best to stay with AT&T, or switch to your cable provider, or go to another carrier like EarthLink or Windstream.  Give us a call and we will be happy to explain what phone lines you have now and what options you have for phone line service in the future.