April 2017 Connecticut Communications Newsletter

In April 2017 Connecticut Communications newsletter we talk about PBX Cloud offerings and if it’s right for your business.  The cloud is not for everyone and is that really where you want to put your phone lines?  For some the answer is a huge YES!  For some, it’s a maybe and for others it is simply not right for their business.

Hosted VoIP Phone System

A hosted phone system is a business phone system that is hosted in the cloud.

VoIP phones connect to your local area network and then out to the internet. However, it’s not that easy.  You will need to ensure you have what is necessary for a successful deployment.A Hosted Phone System might be perfect for your organization or it might be costly. But one thing is for certain.

Not all Hosted Systems are the same.

Benefits of a Hosted PBX
  1. No onsite equipment to maintain
  2. Comes with Maintenance Contract
  3. Little upfront cost
  4. Automatic Software Upgrades
  5. All features included
  6. Share lines/system with other offices
  7. Includes Unlimited Calling

Connecticut Communications sells Hosted PBX systems from four (4) different providers, contact us to find out which one is best for you?