10 Reasons Hosted PBX is Best for your Business

Do you purchase a traditional digital phone system for your business, a hybrid phone system, an all IP based phone system, or a hosted PBX?  Sometimes it’s not an easy answer as there are many factors to consider.  However, here are 10 reasons hosted PBX might be best for your business.

  1. Never a busy signal.  With burstable SIP trunks, callers will never receive a busy signal.  
  2. DID numbers.  DID, or Direct Inward Dial, allows you to have private telephone numbers in addition to your main number.  Callers can reach your desk by dialing your personal DID number.
  3. Voice Mail to Email.  All your voice messages automatically get sent to your email as a .wav file.  Easily play them back through your PC or Smartphone.
  4. PC Attendant/Smartphone.  Each user can transfer calls through a PC application or smartphone as shown in this link… StarPhone
  5. Bundled Long Distance.  Hosted PBX comes with 600 minutes of long distance each month, per line.  Or, get unlimited long distance with seat licenses.
  6. Remote IP Phone.  It’s easy to install an IP phone at your house, simply plug it into your internet for connection back to your office.
  7. Maintenance Included.  Hosted PBX comes with a full maintenance agreement.  All PBX modules and phones are covered with a full hardware warranty, all parts and labor.  Free software upgrades too!
  8. Redundacy.  Premise based hosted PBX allows for dual WAN ports for redundancy.  If one internet circuit goes down, the device uses the second internet circuit automatically.
  9. Power Outage Routing.  If you lose power (hurricane season is here) you can simply access your user portal, using your smartphone, to route your calls to individual cell phones, house phones, etc.
  10. Out of Area Telephone Numbers.  Hosted PBX allows your company to obtain out of area telephone numbers at no extra charge.  Want a New York number?  Simply order one.  No long distance charges or call forward charges apply.

Click on the Star2Star logo for a detailed architecture of their hosted PBX.


Connecticut Communications offers traditional, hybrid, VoIP and premised based VoIP PBX. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your business.